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A simple few steps to help your players reach their
full cricketing potential
Data-driven and personalised cricket coaching toolsDevelop your players using our
revolutionary video analytics platform

How it works ? 

1. Demo

2. Setup

3. Schedule

4. Record

5. Ludimos AI

6. Analyse







A simple few steps to help your players reach their full cricketing potential

Data-driven and personalised cricket coaching tools

1.Book a demo

Let us understand your player development process and key objectives over a call. We will show how Ludimos works, introduce our Smart Lane concept and help you get started.

2.Set up your account

It will take only 15 minutes to set up. Create ditigal groups and invite all your members to join Ludimos. Your account manager will assist you through out the process.

3.Start scheduling

Schedule your upcoming training sessions and share with the right players and groups. We will notify the players at the right time to increase RSVP and attendance.

4.Set up Smart Lane

Set up a lane with a tripod and mobile camera. Players get in to the Smart Lane and record their 3 minutes of batting and bowling. Their videos then gets uploaded to Ludimos for further analysis.

5.Ludimos AI

Let our smart AI algorithms automatically extract key statistics from the videos like number of balls batted or bowled, ball speed, line and length and player biomechanics.

6.Analyse & track progress

Coaches get notified in real time and then can use our Web and Mobile application to analyse the videos using our smart tools and track progress of players over time.


How should I record a video ?

Follow the guidelines above to understand better how you should record videos for accurate analysis.

Who has access to my data?

Your data will remain safe within our cloud environment. Coaches assigned to your team will have access to your videos only to review and provide feedback.

What happens after I upload a video?

After a successful video upload, our Smart Algorithm will pick up your video and automatically extract key highlights from your batting video. After successful processing, we will notify the corresponding coaches.

Can I ask questions to my coach about their feedback?

Yeah, we encourage you to start a conversation with your coach to get into details of their feedback. Your coach will be notified and will respond to your questions at this convenience.

How can I build my player profile?

It is very important that you upload your training videos on a regular basis. We recommend uploading at least 1 video per week of 10 minutes of your batting, bowling or fielding drills. Your coach will have more data to understand your skills and help him/her to personalise training programs just for you so that you improve real fast.

As a coach, how can I provide feedback to my athletes videos?

Ludimos provides three different ways to provide feedback.
Text Feedback - Just pick any frame from a video and type in your feedback, drills, messages, etc.
Visual Feedback* - Use our drawing tools to further annotate and add context to text feedback.
Audio Feedback* - Even further, just record your feedback up to 30 seconds as an audio note and attach to player profile.
*This feature is not available in few devices and browsers.

I have 2 coaches at my club. Can both of them review my videos and provide feedback?

YES! That is the added value of using Ludimos. A video can be reviewed by any number of coaches provided they are give access either by you or by your club/academy administrators.
This makes it easier for you to learn from multiple coaches at the same time, collecting value inputs about your batting and bowling skills.

Can I delete my video? What will happen to received feedback?

You can delete videos that you personally uploaded to Ludimos. You can use the delete icon on video player page to delete your video.
Keep in mind that this action cannot be undone and any feedback that you have received will be lost from your profile.

As a Club Administrator, Can I see an overview of all videos uploaded and feedback?

Definitely yes! We provide both higher level overview of number of players uploading videos and feedback provided by coaches.
Within the performance tab of a team, you will be able to see,Daily, weekly and monthly video upload trends of playersFeedback breakdown chartsMember information with their role in this teamWe are constantly working towards adding more metrics that adds value to you, so if you have any specific needs, please feel free to reach us at hello@ludimos.com

Video upload fails! What should I do?

Don't panic! Contact us at hello@ludimos.com. We will guide you to get your video uploaded.

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