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We bring digitisation & innovation to every step of the scouting process which enables decision makers to evaluate players objectively based on their KPI's and a level playing field.

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What do we offer?

Identify unique bowlers

  • Does your mystery bowler have enough pace?
  • Can the bowler make the ball swing or deviate from its course? 
  • Is the bowler having a good and consistent line and length? 

Ludimos AI can extract key performance indicators from videos & provide a dashboard to view the results of multiple performance indicators and custom-defined filters. We offer the following KPI's

  • Ball speed
  • Ball deviation of surface
  • Ball line
  • 2D & 3D* Pitch map
  • Ball length
  • Ball trajectory with deviation

Identify best batter with X-factor

Backlift, timing, angle of impact and follow through are some of the KPI's used to evaluate a batter.

Ludimos AI algorithms have efficiently combined these low-level bat measurements to give a shot efficiency metric that encompasses the fundamental parameters of batting. In addition to that, we compute the control percentage for every player. Our KPI"s include

  • Control percentage
  • Bat Impact Map
  • Shot efficiency
  • Bat trajectory
  • Shot classification
  • Stance classification

Contextual biomechanics

Contextual biomechanics

In addition to batting & bowling KPIs, Ludimos provides biomechanical analysis for every shot or delivery which helps to assess the technique employed by a player. Unlocking biomechanics analysis can get you insights into why/how an action happens/happened. KPI's include

  • X Factor (Shoulder Hip separation)
  • Brace angle
  • BFC, FFC & Release
  • Hip rotation
  • Torque
  • Time between BFC, FFC & Release

Our proud clients

What our users say

Richard Black
High Performance Director, Serbia

Ludimos has been a genuine game-changer for Serbia. Our players are working with coaches across the world.

Roland Lefebvre
High Performance Manager, Netherlands

Ludimos have created an innovative platform which helps our national coaches to track and develop our players.

Ben Ferbrache
Cricket Development Manager, Guernsey

Ludimos is a fantastic way for us to communicate to players & analysis their games in more detail.

Remove the subjectivity in scouting using Ludimos

Scouting process is time consuming, expensive and filled with subjective views. Eliminate all of that using Ludimos and stay innovative.

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