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The Royal Dutch Cricket Association collaborates with Ludimos to discover talents for their 2023 World Cup preparation

October 1, 2023

[Amstelveen, 01-10-2023] — The Netherlands cricket team, gearing up for the highly anticipated 2023 World Cup in India, recently embarked on a unique initiative to find talented net bowlers to enhance their preparation. Spearheading this venture was Roland Lefebvre, High Performance Manager of Cricket Netherlands.

Recognising the potential of Ludimos in discovering cricketing talent, Roland Lefebvre approached Madan Rajagopal, the founder and CEO of Ludimos, with the idea of identifying four skilled net bowlers to assist the Dutch batters in their World Cup preparations.

Excited about the prospect, Ludimos's team swiftly organised an online campaign, leveraging their innovative talent identification platform. Within just a few days, the campaign went live, capturing the attention of major Indian news media outlets and influential social media personalities who eagerly shared the news with their vast networks.

The campaign quickly went viral, reaching every corner of India and garnering an overwhelming response. In total, more than 20,000 registrations were received from aspiring cricketers, collectively submitting over 10,000 cricket videos showcasing their skills.

Impressed by the exceptional talent pool, Dutch head coach Ryan Cook and his team meticulously reviewed the submissions and handpicked four outstanding talents to join the Netherlands cricket team as net bowlers. Checkout the video where Ryan Cook welcomes the selected bowlers to the team.

One of the selected talents, employed at the popular food delivery chain Swiggy, gained widespread attention, leading Swiggy to extend coaching support for an entire year, nurturing his dreams of playing in the IPL. Read more about that from Swiggy's Blog

Image Credits: Swiggy

The collaborative initiative between The Royal Netherlands Cricket Association (KNCB) and Ludimos proved to be a resounding success, fostering a positive outcome for all parties involved. The campaign not only showcased the abundance of cricketing talent in India but also provided a unique platform for aspiring players to showcase their skills on a global stage.

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Madan Rajagopal

Founder & CEO