Media Feature

Ludimos featured in Innovations Origins

March 3, 2023

Cricket is not a major sport in the Netherlands. Yet there are more than 460 million players worldwide. In India, it is even the number one national sport. Start-up Ludimos does see the potential of this global sport. They are developing a coaching platform with AI-driven analysis of players and their play. Just recently, the young company netted an investment from the Dutch Sport Tech Fund. In this instalment of start-up-of-the-day, Madan Raj Rajagopal talks to us about what this recent investment means for his company and why cricket will soon become a fixture in the Western world.

“The majority of cricketers hail from the Asian region. However despite that, we are focusing on the British and Australian markets for the time being. In fact, due to two events, we are anticipating an upsurge in interest in cricket in the West. For example, a new international cricket tournament is being organized in America this year. What’s more, cricket may become part of the Olympics in 2028. So that would mean millions of new viewers and potential players. It’s already a huge market, but it keeps on growing.”

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