Everything you need to know about videos in Ludimos


Video feed

Videos uploaded into your account will be displayed in a grid view in Ludimos. By default, videos are sorted by date (newest to oldest). The owner of the video & the group the video belongs to are displayed as tags below the video.

Video Metadata

When a video is processed by Ludimos, metadata is attached to provide users with an overview of the video's upload and viewing status.

'i' icon color codes

Green - Video was recorded at 60 FPS

Orange - Video was recorded at 30 FPS

Red - Video was recorded at less than 30 FPS

Hovering your cursor over the 'i' icon displays the processing status of the three analysis performed by our algorithm (Stumpline, Ball tracking & Kinogram)

Video actions

Ludimos AI automatically detects actions in any video uploaded to our platform. The number of actions detected in the video is displayed at the bottom left of the video cover.

Video feedback

If a video has feedback attached, the number of feedback shares will be displayed as a count in the bottom left of the video cover.

Users tagged to a video

When a user is tagged in a video, their initials will appear on the video's cover.

Video views

An 'eye' icon is added to the video cover as soon as the video is viewed atleast once by the user.


1. Always use a tripod to ensure recording stability

2. Record videos at 60FPS & 1080p for accurate ball tracking

3. We recommend a video recording between 10 and 20 mins to ensure faster processing

4. Tag users with videos to build player profile.

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