How to join your club/academy/school account on Ludimos?

To join any coaching account on Ludimos you need an invitation from the Admin of the coaching account. You can be invited using the following ways,

Email Invite

You will receive an email with an invitation link to join a coaching account. In this case,

1. You simply click the link

2. Input your email and password. NOTE: If you already have a valid Ludimos account, you can simply use the same login credentials here.

3. Create your Ludimos account and automatically be a part of the coaching account

4 After logging in, click the Menu icon in the top left corner and verify that the coaching account is visible under the accounts section.

PS: Make sure that you check the spam folder, since there is a good chance that the invite email might end up there.

Invite Link

Another way to join a coaching account is to use the group invite link. Once again, only an Admin can create this group invite link and they will share this link with you to set up your account. Once you click the open the link, you can follow the same steps as above to complete the process.

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