How to analyze a video in Ludimos?

Once a video is uploaded to our platform, our AI algorithm automatically detects actions (batting/bowling action) if any in a video. These detected actions are marked as 'purple blocks' in the video playback bar. When playing a video, the dead time between two actions will be automatically skipped.


Videos with action

Follow the below steps to analyse a video and to view the analytics.  

1. Select the Video analysis icon in the left pane on the web page

2. Select the video you wish to analyse. The selected video will be opened in a new tab.

3. Click the 'stumpline' icon to view the stumpline.

4. Click the 'ball tracking' icon to view the trajectory

5.  Turn on the pose by clicking on the 'skeleton' icon.

6. Bowler analytics will be displayed on the left side of the video pane.

7. Batter analytics will be displayed on the right side of the video pane.

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