How to create a group?

On the Web app you can create a group using the following 2 methods,

From the Home Page:

1. Select the Home tab

2. Click “Create a group”

From the Groups Page:

1. Select the Group menu from the left menu bar

2. Click “Create a group”

On the group create page you will have an option to make the Group Private by clicking the Private check box.

Difference between a Public & Private Group: 

In a public group, all the videos, documents and schedules added to the group is public and accessible to everyone in the group by default. This is best suited for group training sessions where multiple players will be a part of a single video clip. This makes it easy to share and interact.

In a private group, every video, document and schedule added to the group is private by default. Upon tagging by the coaches or admins, players will get access to videos. The person adding a video or document will have access to that specific document by default. Coaches in the group have access to all the content in the group by default.

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